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Bian Beigou

Release time:2022-06-28 17:31:24

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"Discrimination towards women is certainly a topic that we need to address seriously, and we can through football."FIFA President Gianni Infantino opens day 2 of the #FIFAWFC2019 Live 📽️ https://t.co/0ePsG2rq50 pic.twitter.com/ZVDrF6sbV1

Alarmingly, however, we see around the world the growth and legitimization of a world order that puts these basic human rights in danger; one that silences dissent and stifles debate; that rejects multilateralism and global institutions of cooperation and solidarity; and that puts in jeopardy the international norms and standards of human rights, equality, justice and wellbeing.

“We are fighting for our right to live in Kyiv in peace and security,”  she asserts. 

Various immigration quotas based on national origin remained in place, but those policies continued to favor Europeans.


Concluding the Action Coalition launch events, speakers at the Action Coalition on Feminist Action for Climate Justice outlined commitments that increase financing for gender-just climate solutions, enable women and girls to lead a transition to a green economy, and build the resilience of women and girls to climate impacts and disaster risk, including through land rights and tenure security.

Furthermore, from the 1991 cyclone in Bangladesh in which 90 per cent of the 140,000 people who lost their lives were women; to the 276 Chibok schoolgirls were abducted by Boko Haram militants in Nigeria in 2014, to the women representing the single-highest adversely affected group by the earthquake in Nepal, we know that resilience building and recovery have a girl’s face. Not only they because they are the most in need of urgent help and in higher risk of violence in the aftermath of the crisis situations, but also because of the critical role young women and girls play in preventing, preparing for, and recovering from natural and human made hazards.


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